" A photo is a return ticket to a moment in time"

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Table 22 .............

"the purpose of art is
washing the dust of daily life
off our souls"
                                                             " Pablo Picasso"
Central Market Street-Art
by Paul Whitehead
Each time I visit the market I love to stop and peruse the wonderful
walls of colour depicting Market Life in our city
there's always a little story in there that is new to my eyes.
In the pic above I like how the lady in pink puff jacket
is chatting to hubby across the way while waiting for coffee
at Table 22



Jack said...

Gosh, these are wonderful, Dianne.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful art! Love it!

diane b said...

They are both great paintings, so much detail. I love the quote too.

Fun60 said...

The paintings are full of the details of everyday life. Is there a whole series of these paintings?

William Kendall said...

Beautiful art!

Joe said...

I can almost hear the hum of the crowd in that first mural Dianne.