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Sunday, 19 April 2015

to market to market ......

~   Brunch at the Adelaide Farmer's Market   ~
A real buzzy place and loved the way stall-holders
had set up their produce and eateries amid
an eclectic mix of  tables and chairs
topped with mugs of in-season blooms
pancakes - paella - biscotti - country bacons rolls
and the most wonderful Italian coffee
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jennyfreckles said...

It all looks very classy for a market. (I suppose you didn't 'buy a fat pig' and then go home 'jigetty-jig'!)

Dianne said...

Jennyfreckles:- ha ha ! no I went home in style .... no jigetty- jigging for me

Taken For Granted said...

Would live to be there for this market. Make mine seafood paella, please.

William Kendall said...

Pancakes for me!

Stephanie said...

The menu had my mouth watering for some food. Love your collage of images!

Debs said...

Now I'm hungry :)

Joe said...

Colourful and creative Dianne. I'll have the pancakes (2 stack) please :-)