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Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Work In Progress #2 .........


Work is still underway on our new Torrens River footbridge 
At the moment it's a real eye-sore but hopefully the end result
will enhance this area and give easy access
 to the newly renovated Adelaide Oval.
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Stephanie said...

There are a lot of cranes, which makes for an interesting photo. Nice one!

darlin said...

Dianne what is the projection for completion? There sure are a lot of cranes, it looks like they want this job done ASAP!

Have a wonderful weekend! Your weekend is almost here, we've got a few days to go yet! lol

Joe said...

Gee there is a lot of building activity going on if those cranes are anything to go by. Glad you are documenting it for us in your photographs Dianne.

Craig said...

I like the Adelaide Oval and I wonder why it needed renovation. But that's progress I suppose. I'm sure that the bridge will look super once complete.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You'll have to show us how it looks when fini Dianne, bet it'll look good.