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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Le Tour Down-Under .........

~  Wheels Wheels and more Wheels  ~

Le Tour is in town and there's lycra around every corner
I took these pics at Stage 4 of the Santos Tour which left from Modbury
 and travelled 127 km to Tanunda in the Barossa Valley

Andre Greipel - team Lotto-Belisol - won the stage

Team Argos-Shimano heading out

I stood on the inner corner thinking it would be prime position
Big Mistake!!  too close

Just a couple of overseas non-contenders
kitted out in lycra - Mr Dream Team way out ahead in blue
 and Mr Peugeot wearing very classy riding shoes!

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Andrew said...

Happily swap you your Tour Down Under for our Grand Prix.

Kays Kids said...

I hope you were not overcome with all that Lycra and sweat.

Jack said...

Excellent and varied photos, Dianne. You did a good job getting crisp photos of moving subjects.

diane b said...

Jack said it all. You didn't lie down for the first shot, did you? I'm guessing they are on a car roof.
Don't you love "MAMILS" (Middle aged men in lycra) ?

River said...

I couldn't ride that far even if my life depended on it! They must be so very fit!
I dislike the traffic disruptions in the city while the TDU is on, apart from that I don't mind it.
Andrew, you can keep the Grand Prix, we don't want it back. We get enough noise and disruption with the Clipsal 500.

Eaton Bennett said...

Really cool, beautifully composed
shots. Three men in our family ride, Lycra wearers all of them. ;)

Fun60 said...

What excellent photos Dianne. Really up close and personal.

Cezar and Léia said...

Nice second pic, a lot of concentration in the riders' faces!
God bless you!

Pauline said...

I thought the riders were standing at the start line in that first shot - it is so sharp and clear. But they are moving - great work!

Rebecca said...

I did that stand too close part once. A little intimidating I would say.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I reckon only professional cyclists can wear Lycra with confidence! Fabulous captures Dianne.

Stephanie said...

great shots!