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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hollyhocks Amid The Gravestones.............

~ West Terrace Cemetery ~

The location for this State Heritage Listed Cemetery
was originally fixed by Colonel William Light
when he surveyed our city way back in 1837

I noticed a lot of self seeded old fashioned plants randomly popping up
amongst the gravestones - hollyhocks - wild minature trailing roses - and in some
areas young olive trees and couldn't help but think that mingling amid
 the wonderful old names of  Eloise - Emmeline - Maud  and  Wilhemina
 they added a sense of history to the place 

I should have taken more notice of the epitaph on this headstone
Does any-one know the quote ?

Take a visit over to Julie's new meme
to see what others have found while
wandering around cemetries in their corner of the world

My contribution to  "Our World Tuesday"

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NixBlog said...

Beautiful shots, Dianne!

The Nature Jotter said...

Beautiful photos!!

hamilton said...

I love the idea of wild roses and hollyhocks growing up amongst the headstones. Life after death.

Julie said...

Yes, I agree with Hamiton: life after death. And the olden days flowers are immensely fitting.

Now I have searched West Terrace as much as I can for Darling, Sparling and Garling. What other surname could it be? West Terrace is not on the Australian Cemeteries Index which is a pity.

I have used snippets of the epitaph but with scant joy thus far. Shall look again later in the day.

Thanks for your contribution this week, Dianne, to Taphophile Tragics. Each contribution that I have experienced this morning, shows the personality of its 'creator' so very well. Yours is no exception. I appreciate your contribution very much.

Sylvia K said...

Such lovely, peaceful captures, Dianne! The flowers are beautiful and so perfect! Hope your new year is off to a great start!


Ann said...

the composition of the top one is beautiful. Heading out to a cemetery today if I get time, you've given me some ideas.

Dianne said...

Ann:- enjoy your day out - I hope you can get some keeper captures!

Dianne said...

Julie:- I've been mentally going through the names ending with - rling !!

Annie said...

Your photos (not to mention this cemetery) are absolutely breathtaking.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hollyhocks are such a wonderful old fashioned flower. I reckon they are perfect for cemetery.

KB said...

Beautiful pics. My OWT is up too.

Happy New year from New Zealand.

Jack said...

Bravo, Dianne! All three are excellent. The hollihock in the first shot grabs the eye, and your framing and cropping of the second image make an ordinary shot special.

Peter said...

Nice to see those old world flowers bobbing up, it would be nice to think they seeded from the visiting mourners. Thanks for the comments on my Sydney blog.

diane b said...

Great shots. I love the tangle of plants creeping over the grave in the last pic. I agree with you and the others, old time flowers are fitting for a cemetery.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Beautiful shots. Could the name be Stirling?

Dianne said...

John:- the name could well be Stirling - that's a reasonably common name here - I'll try and search the records under that name.
Thanks for your input John.

Adrianne Molin said...

Captivating shots!

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Oakland Daily Photo said...

Wonderful photos. I'm impressed with the hollyhocks. Mine always look terrible.

Dianne said...

If all else fails - go back to the source!!
The name on the second pic is Darling and the verse reads

"ho! Ye that thirst approach the spring
Where living waters flow
Flee to that sacred fountain
Without a price all may go"

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful photos full of poetry! The quote is from this song:

Ho! ye that thirst, approach the spring
Where living waters flow:
Free to that sacred fountain all
Without a price may go.

How long to streams of false delight
Will ye in crowds repair?
How long your strength and substance waste
On trifles light as air?

My stores afford those rich supplies
That health and pleasure give:
Incline your ear, and come to Me;
The soul that hears shall live.

Seek ye the Lord, while yet His ear
Is open to your call;
While offered mercy still is near,
Before His footstool fall.

Let sinners quit their evil ways
Their evil thoughts forego;
And God, when they to Him return,
Returning grace will show.

He pardons with o’erflowing love;
“For,” hear the voice divine!
“My nature is not like to yours,
Nor like your ways are Mine:

“But far as heaven’s resplendent orbs
Beyond earth’s spot extend,
As far My thoughts, as far My ways,
Your ways and thoughts transcend.

Dianne said...

Thank you so much Will - the words are beautiful I had a few words incorrect in my deciphering from a tarnished headstone and so I'm very grateful to have the correct and full song.
That's the beauty of blogging we learn so much.

biebkriebels said...

Beautiful with all the flowers and the plants.

Arija said...

The old fashioned plants popping up by themselves are charming but not the olive threes. They will soon destroy th gravestones. Olives are an imported plant that has become a dangerous weed in the Mt.Lofty Ranges and, in consequence a shocking fire hazard.

Nice shots Dianne.

J Bar said...

Your shots are beautiful.

Joe said...

Very creatively composed.