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Thursday, 26 May 2011

More Strolling around Brougham Place.....

One of the many semi-detached houses built in the
 late 1800's  in Chichester Gardens - Adelaide's first ever suburban sub-division
It's just a short walk away from what is now considered the
  trendy up-market cappucinno café
 scene of Melbourne Street.

Many of these homes were designed to give the appearance
of one dwelling but inside they are two entirely separate homes

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered your Adelaide side...and what beauty lies here too! So happy you are honoring your own country too...truly beautiful!!

Ola said...

It's wonderful there, good to visit you!

Craig said...

Beautiful home. Love the tin roof.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Lovely old house Dianne. In Africa we used to have verandas around the houses too, kept them much cooler.

Alan O'Riordan said...

Not too dissimilar to the ones you posted from Lower North Adelaide Street a while back (no, I didn't recall the name - yes, I did have to go back and check). Another proud resident, judging by the neatly manicured garden!

J Bar said...

It looks beautiful.

Mark said...

What a great place to live.