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Friday, 29 April 2011

A Taste of Italiano......

~ Il Mercato  at   Campbelltown ~

There's something warming about fossicking around in continental foodie shops
with their delectable selection of pressed meats and cheeses
I have yet to escape without a fine slither of  that creamy St Agur Blue cheese
priced at A$89- a kilo  it's an indulgence - but just a smidge - eaten with a slice of crisp pear
is well worth the dollar sacrifice.

Old Italian proverbs says
"A tavola nessuno diventa vecchio"
meaning - At the table no one grows old.
I like that!

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Rae Walter said...

A great post about living the good life and doing it well.

Julie said...

Lovely shot, Dianne. I agree about the sights and smells of a deli.

Thanks for hanging in while I gallivanted OS. Back now and should be firing on all cylinders in a few days.

Reader Wil said...

The problem at the table is not the growing old, but the growing fat! We have such a shop in my little village, so I know all about it!
Thanks for your visit!

Milanblogger said...

i'm surprised on reading the italian proverbs and the right transaltion,do you like italian on what i see on your blog.

Dianne said...

Milanblogger:- We have a large Italian population here in Adelaide - plus I learnt the language (or tried to) for about 5 years - then swapped over to French.

♥ Braja said...

OK now I'm sunk :) Mercato's?? Really? My favorite damned place in the whole town, Dianne!!! My niece and I would visit there as often as possible; we even had a Luciano Pavarotti song whose words we changed to glorify Mercato's :))) I LOVED it...

I used to go to school down the road at Thorndon High...gosh that was 30-something years ago....! These Italian shops opp. the Campbelltown Shopping Centre, and the Centre itself, they're all the same, nothing has changed...Mercato's is the first officially "face-lifted" place along that road, but the rest looks like it did 35 yrs ago!