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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Potting Mix - Cyclamen and Espresso- Macchiato

Nurseries have become much more than  plant and spray places
and Adelaide has it's share of up- market  gardening centres
This one, situated at the base of the foothills, specialises in many things
including gift-ware - high-teas and garden furniture.
I settled for potting mix - a pink cyclamen
and after noting the Johann Bach quote on the sandwich board,
a strong coffee

"Ah!  how sweet coffee tastes
lovlier than a thousand kisses
sweeter far than muscatel wine"

Johann Sebastian Bach 1732

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Ann said...

Lovely place, reminds me of the Blue Mountains.

Joe said...

Looks like a magnificent place to visit. I like hot coffee; the hotter the better, it makes the conversation last longer.

Peter said...


diane b said...

I love those kind of nurseries except for the price of plants. We have one nearby that does great lunches.

Julie said...

The coffee is a pale substitute for the other things Bach mentions ....

Dianne said...

Julie - yes I'd agree very pale

Merkel Marmaduke said...


I love your photos. Which garden centre is this? I'm always looking for new venues. I am more interested in dark hot chocolate than pale coffee though.


Linnea said...

The coffee cantata:)

A very funny piece. When I see your blog, Adelaide goes from dry place to a warm, soft blanket filled with dreams.