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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Greenwith Methodist Church...

This lovely little church set amongst the gum trees
is situated on the Golden Grove Road at Greenwith
about 20km north-east of the city centre.

Built in 1863 and well preserved
it was a small rural church in a farming community.
On the east and west sides are two gothic style windows
the front porch being added in the 1980's

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whiteangel said...

Hello Dianne,
Thanks for visiting and making a comment on my blog :)
Your photos are lovely, I am enjoying them.

diane b said...

It is so quaint and well preserved. Nice shots too.

sparrow said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too Dianne.

I WANT THIS CHURCH! I'm going to come to Adelaide and steal it, brick by brick!

J Bar said...

It's beautiful.
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