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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blending the old with the new....

The State Library of South Australia is housed in this building
which architecturally blends the elegance and charm of the
19th century Mortlock Wing with the modern award winning
-Catherine Spence- glass foyer.

Does it work?  well let's just say
I've got used to it !

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cara said...

I think it works. It reminds me of the effect of the glass pyramid at the Louvre... completely out of place but effective.

TK said...

yes it works.....I think it slips into our North Terrace scene quite well now....TK xx

J Bar said...

It's great. They'll be turning the new section into an internet cafe and turfing out all the books soon. Sadly that's what's happening in some of Sydney's uni libraries now.