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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Paxton Walk........

This laneway is a shortcut from North Terrace to the east-end of Rundle Street
The land was owned by William Paxton in the late 1800's and thus the lovely name
"Paxton Walk"

To the left of the lane is the historic "Henry Ayers House"
& the elegant "Henry's Brasserie" with it's pretty
bud~ lit glass domed ceiling.
This venue is used for Wedding receptions
 I enjoy taking a peek in the side windows
to view the different table decorations
some-times Oriental some-times Victorian
always beautiful!!.

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J Bar said...

A beautiful walk.

Mark said...

I love the statues in the ivy. I have never been to Adelaide so looking forward to exploring your city through your lens.

Julie said...

This is a lovely post, Dianne. I love walkways that cut across cities. Always fascinating, but not many as beautiful as this.