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Monday, 14 February 2011

On Your bike......

Looking across river to the "Adelaide Festival Centre"
with the Hyatt Regency towering beside

This is the perfect place to get around by bike!
especially if you are a novice rider as I am
Apparently the rule is to either ring your bell or yell out "bike"
before passing the more sedate walkers.
I found trying to keep on the bike, maneuver the path
and ring the bell all at the same time
all a bit much - thus recieving a few unsavoury comments
from certain members of the walk brigade.
I shall not be deterred however
I'm sure with practise, all three will coincide.

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Alan O'Riordan said...

I only have a bike in Mebourne and rarely use public transport. It's an awesome way to see your city!

J Bar said...

Looks like a top place for a bike ride.

Ann said...

Never learnt to ride a bike but it looks like a lovely place for a walk. Haven't been over that side of the river. Must rectify that. Whenever I'm down there I run out of time.

Julie said...

I used to ride, but wobble when walking now, so banned from anything like that. But I can still appreciate the beauty and the thrill. Keep at it!!

Peter said...

At least you ring your bell, is it a ting or the full throated ring ring? Looks a great track and .. the speigeltent shots were great. Bon Nuit.