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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Meet me at the Pigs.......

Let me introduce you to "Truffles" one of four life size bronze pigs
who reside in our Rundle Mall.
Although , quite controversial when first commissioned by the City Council
people have now taken them to their hearts
they add character ~ they add that touch of
" Je ne sais quoi "

If I'm going to meet some-one in the city - I'll usually say
meet me at the pigs!!

Oh! to have your name embedded on a bronze plaque
right in the centre of town!
 That's impressive!

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Chuckeroon said...

Excellent. How could anyone complain? Tks for dropping in on RuT.

J Bar said...

Love the sculpture. Love the name.

Mark said...

When I visit Adelaide one day soon I am going to ask my friends (Rachel, Kurt and Kurt) to meet me at the pigs. :)

Kellie Collis said...

Sounds like a fabulous pig! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dianne,

Have just come across your Adelaide blog ~ how fabulous!
Love the sweet bronze pig and it must be a neat sight seeing the four of them.
Truffles is such a great name too.

Happy weekend

Titania said...

A beautiful bronze. I think the pigs deserve it. I love them they are such characters, very close to people.

Paul said...

All pigs should have names, I like bacon, but equally I want to see these animals treated as more than a production unit. It is a really nice statue with a great name too.