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Thursday, 17 February 2011

City Town Hall.......

The main stair-case leading up to the mezzanine level
of our City Town Hall

I guess as with most City Halls ~ it is rather glamorous!
On the back wall there is a lovely bronze sculpture
of  "Queen Adelaide"  after whom the city was named

"Queen Adelaide"
by sculptor Lindsay Daen
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Julie said...

That is sumptuous, Dianne. The staircase really is a knockout. Fancy trying to fund all that marble nowadays. I must see if I can get inside our Town Hall with a camera.

Dianne said...

Julie:- That would be lovely to see some pics inside the Sydney Town Hall ~ they seem to be all very finely decorated

Paul said...

Julie is right, this is a stunning staircase. Nice statue of Adelaide too. Leeds photography Paul

J Bar said...

What a spectacular staircase.

Ann said...

Very nice. Is it open to the public or do you have to have a reason to be in there?

Dianne said...

Ann:- This section in the foyer is open to the public and they don't mind you taking photos. I asked the guy at the reception desk and he said
no worries!

sparrow said...

I love wandering through Adelaide with you! I am now even more determined to come over for a holiday! The local tourist department should be paying you a retainer for this blog! Have a great weekend.