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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"Anyone for Chocolate....

South Australia's pride and joy in the chocolate department
is the family owned Haigh's Chocolates
Founded in 1915 they definitely know how to make
the perfect treat

This little boutique shop situated at
the south entrance to the Adelaide Arcade
is my favourite haunt
Macadamia-Honey Nougat milk chocolate
or Cranberry & Pistachio clusters. Yum!!!
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J Bar said...

I love Haighs chocolate and I visited the factory on a visit to Adelaide once. So glad that they finally opened a shop in Sydney a couple of years ago.

diane b said...

That is one of my favourite places in Adelaide too. Delicious.

Dianne said...

J Bar:- so pleased you have a Haighs in Sydney - a good place to get your chocolate fix!!

diane b :- yes! delicious is the word

Mark said...

I wish there was a Haighs in Grafton!!!! I love their chocolate frogs. What a beautiful store!!!

Dianne said...

Mark:- must try the chocolate frogs ~ why didn't I think of that before!!

sparrow said...

These photos just sealed my fate - I'm coming to Adelaide for a holiday!

Von said...

Best chocolate in the world.Friend of my daughter worked there for a few years. I have some fun Haigh's stories!