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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Adelaide Arcade.......

Linking Rundle Mall to Grenfell St is
Adelaide's oldest Arcade
built in 1885

It houses an eclectic mix of unique shops
like a cobbler - battery bar - hatter - wig maker
and a button bar that literally stocks
tens of thousands of buttons !!
(That's if you're in the market for buttons)

This little boutique is
dressed up pretty for Valentine's Day
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Julie said...

I love old arcardes like this. Most of them have been demolished from the centre of Sydney. We still have the Strand Arcade which was originally built about the same era as your one, but was burnt down in the 1990s and had to be totally rebuilt. So ... not really old ... which is sad ... but, in the expression of the moment, 'shit happens' ...

Dianne said...

Julie:- That made me laugh! - definitely the expression of the moment

Marie said...

I really like the photos and what is displayed in the windows :-)) This concept of "arcades" is great. People are protected from noise and pollution while shopping. We don't have any here.

Arija said...

It really is a grand old place where the pace of life is still stately. A little haven of yesteryear's gracious living.

Hels said...

That is gorgeous!!

I am a great fan of 19th century arcades in the centre of town, rather than soulless shopping malls out in the suburbs. Compare the Adelaide Arcade to Melbourne’s Royal Arcade 1870 and Sydney’s Strand Arcade 1892. By the way, do you know when yours was completed?

thanks for the link