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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Little fishing bays.........

Lipson Cove on the Eyre Peninsula
is a pretty little bay - ideal for launching those fishing dingies.
I have it on good authority that the beautiful silver whiting
can be caught from the beach .

The coastline is truly spectacular
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TK said...

love the coast line on EP - it is always os calming for me to go there!!

Julie said...

That shot of Lipson Cove is magical. How come are those little tussocks out in the middle like that? Why does the water go around and not wash straight through? And what is the type of 'grass' which is probably holding the entire thing together.

Very lovely ...

Dianne said...

TK: - I agree every little bay is a hidden gem.

Julie: - This photo was taken at low tide - when the tide comes in those little tussocks are covered with water, thus forming part of the bay - I don't know the type of grass but it's certainly tuff and looks so... pretty

J Bar said...

Brilliant shots.